MatrixWorks: LOVE as a living system

Human beings belong together. MatrixWorks sees groups as living systems, and so brings people together in groups in order to teach new ways of belonging. Through exercises, conversations, observations, and meditation, people learn to experience more ease, empowerment and love in everything they do. All courses are based on cutting-edge neuroscience research on empathy and emergence, and provide a direct experience of accomplishing far beyond any individual’s capacity. MatrixWorks classes and webinars are heart-opening, mind-expanding, and life-changing. For more information, please visit

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Lila Films is a full-service video production company based in Boulder, Colorado. We love creating high-impact productions to help our clients expand their reach and achieve their goals. Whether your project is for broadcast, education, marketing, fundraising or training, we have you covered. Lila Films supports a wide variety of clients including small business owners, national corporations, federal labs, universities, public television, and non-profits. Not in Colorado? No problem! We work with clients throughout the world.